A Good Ponytail and a Great Cause

Author: Shannon Miller Lifestyle

Emi-Jay Hairties

Tired of traditional ponytail holders that

  • leave a big dent mark in your hair?
  • Or cause breakage and damage when you remove them?
  • How about the throbbing headaches you can get from the tightness a traditional pony tail?

We have come across the creme de la creme of ponytail holders: Emi-Jay hair ties!

They are made from a soft and stretchy material that has been hand-dyed and knotted, and the cool thing is you can also wear them as a bracelet. They are so comfortable and come in a variety of great colors.

A few of the colors that Emi-Jay has recently launched in their collection are:

  • Candy Pink,
  • Bunny Pink with Neon Pink Dots,
  • Neon Pink,
  • Splendid Pink.

These are collectively called “Bon Bon” and are part of the Breast Cancer Awareness collection.

These colors were specifically designed for O, The Oprah Magazine, for breast cancer awareness, and Emi-Jay will be giving 25 percent of profits to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. (The SML Team is particularly sensitive to cancer awareness as you may know.)

After visiting the Emi-Jay website, we learned that Emi and Jay are just two normal teenage girls that decided to create something special for others. They have very charitable hearts as they are always looking for ways to give back.

These stretchy little bands are very versatile and can be worn a variety of ways. They put a fresh spin on that classic pony tail, and depending on what you decide to purchase, part of your proceeds will be going towards a wonderful cause. A win-win for all!

TIP:  All of the products and the complete story behind Emi-Jay can be found at the Emi-Jay website.

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