Dispelling Cancer Myths

Author: Shannon Miller

People talk.

It’s not always easy to know what’s true, especially when it comes to something as scary as cancer. What have you heard about cancer detection and cures?

Let’s dispel those cancer myths with cancer facts, and focus on the cure.

Myth #1: Cancer Rates are going up!

Cancer Fact: Actually, the population in the United States is going up. We have more people in the United States, so there are higher numbers of cancer. We also have a large increase in the aging adults in the United States, which means that people are living longer and more susceptible to disease later in life. The actual ratio of people with cancer is less than it was in 1990, and the incidence of death by cancer is greatly reduced as well. (Source: Discovery Health)

Myth #2: A positive attitude is all you need to fight cancer.

Cancer Fact: A positive attitude will help you improve the quality of your life ,with or without cancer, not the quantity. (Source: Mayo Clinic)

Myth #3: Cancer means quitting your job.

Cancer Fact: Many people keep their jobs and continue working, even with daily treatments. Satellite hospitals and clinics help facilitate different therapies. (Source: Mayo Clinic)

Myth #4: I won’t find anything that can hurt me by performing a self-exam

Cancer Fact: Many times, people find their own breast tumors or skin tumors. Self-examination is very important, followed by a call to the doctor’s office if there is anything different or suspicious.

Myth #5: I can’t afford a mammogram.

Cancer Fact: Many clinics offer a mammogram for free. October 30 is free mammogram day at many clinics across the country. Also, organizations like Medicaid and grants from different charities offer to help pay for mammograms. (Source: Audobon Citizen)

Myth #6: Only women get breast cancer.

Cancer Fact: 1 in 1000 men will get breast cancer.

Myth #7: You can only get certain cancers with a family history of that or similar cancers.

Cancer Fact: Cancers have many risk factors, not just family history. Family history only represents a piece of the cancer puzzle.

Myth #8: Having a breast reduction surgery reduces incidences of breast cancer.

Cancer Fact: It does not matter how much breast tissue is there; the breast cancer risk is the same. (Source: WLFI TV18 – Indiana News)

Myth #9: Saccharin causes cancer.

Cancer Fact: There was one study done in 1969 linking saccharin to cancer. No other study proved this, and the findings were eventually considered not valid.

Myth #10: Fluoride causes cancer.

Cancer Fact: Many people in the country drink fluoridated water. There is no found risk between fluoride and cancer.

Myth #11: Deodorant causes breast cancer.

Cancer Fact: There has not been a link found between deodorant or anti-antiperspirant and cancer of any kind. (Source: National Cancer Institute)

Have you heard any myths about cancer that you have found to be false?  Please share the myth and your myth-busting resource with us and our readers by adding your cancer fact as a Comment.

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