Good Morning! Are You Up On Time?

Author: Shannon Miller Lifestyle

Are you up on time this morning?

Most mornings?  Sometimes?  Ok, EVER?

Do you wish it were easier and more fun to get up on time? You have a schedule, right? You need to get in that workout, or get some laundry done before work. What about the kids’ breakfast? Actually sticking to that plan gets so tough, especially when we are up a little later in the summer time.

If you need a better way to get up and manage time, here are some fun little products that may make the mornings work a little better for you.

  • Nanda Home completely understands. They are the creators of “Clocky,” and “Tocky,”  the run-away alarm clocks. When the alarm clock goes off, the clock either rolls or runs away, and will continue to alarm until you can find it and push the button. OK, you’re UP! We particularly like the (RED) charity items from this company. Get up AND save the world. Bravo.
  • Perpetual Kid knows how hard it is to get the brain moving in the morning, so their alarm clock forces you to do a puzzle. It actually shoots the three pieces into the air as the alarm goes off. You have to:
    A. Find them,
    B. Process their shapes,
    C. Put them back into the alarm clock in the right spot before the alarm will stop.Your brain is UP.
  • Cue Edward Grieg’s Morning Mood. Do you want to wake up like a forest sprite, with nice, natural light slowly appearing in the perfect sunrise? Ah, wake up relaxed and rejuvenated with the Philips Wake Up Light. The National Sleep Foundation endorses the Philips Wake Up Light for a healthy way to rest and awaken.
  • Want to pretend you are at the Hilton and get a wake-up call? No problem. Go to Snoozester and schedule your wake-up calls, as well as other reminder calls through your day. Set your preferences, as far as how many and what kind of calls you need to get you moving.

In all seriousness, rest is important to your health. Keep your sleep times consistent whenever possible, and schedule 8 hours of sleep per night for optimal health. Not getting enough sleep causes an increase in stress hormones, which takes a toll on your brain, skin health, and waist line.

SML TIP:  If you plan and schedule your sleep, you will hopefully find it easier to get up and get moving in the morning. Schedule your morning coffee so that it’s ready when you get up, and plan time in your morning to eat breakfast, and if possible, get in some exercise or stretching.

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