Holistic Therapy Treatments

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What is a Holistic Therapy?

A holistic therapist considers the whole individual as a case, not just a body part or a symptom. Most holistic therapies are thousands of years old, developed through years of study of the mind, body, and spirit. Many of the therapies went through centuries of trials to prove their worth. Now, more and more, holistic therapies are marrying with western medicine to give each patient better, balanced, whole-self care.

Chiropractic Care

It all comes back to the spine. The spine is our central location of all nerve endings, so it would make sense that certain ailments could come back to the spine. By careful manipulation of the spine and areas surrounding the spine, chiropractic patients get relief from headaches, arm and leg pain and numbness, digestive problems, and reproductive problems. Chiropractic care dates back to several thousand years BC, but has been widely accepted in the United States within the past fifty years. Doctors of Chiropractic Therapy go to chiropractic school for 4-5 years and practice for over 500 hours before being certified. Most health companies, including Medicare, list Chiropractors as “doctors.”

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy dates back at least 3000 years. Massage can relieve muscle soreness, nerve pain, joint stiffness, and swelling. Most recently, massage therapy has become a therapy of choice for lymphedema patients. There are many types of massage therapy, so explain your situation to your massage therapist, so she can help you the right way. Massage therapists should be accredited and licensed through your state.


Acupuncture is a Chinese medicine, dating back to at least the 1400’s, if not before. Through practicing with points and tiny, flexible needles, the Chinese found a complex system of pressure points that correspond to organs and body parts. For instance, find a sensitive point just below the knee, but toward the outside of the leg. That point correlates to the stomach. It is said that a simple needle point in that spot can help relieve digestive problems. Acupuncturists should also maintain certification and licensing. Acupuncture can relieve pain and discomfort in joints and organs. Because acupuncture builds collagen around the point of entrance, many people are using acupuncture as an alternative to a facelift.

These therapies, in addition to use of essential oils for ailments, and mind-body-spirit exercise, are holistic remedies to help with all kinds of ailments, disorders, and diseases. They should not be discounted, but rather considered when seeking help for a diagnosis. Ask your doctor’s advice, and do research on therapies before diving in.

There are many great holistic therapy stations now that offer physical therapy and other forms of holistic therapies, plus mind-body-spirit exercise.

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