Safety Tips For Women Who Live Alone

Author: Shannon Miller Lifestyle

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Whether or not it was something you chose, as a woman, living alone does come with many benefits that you can enjoy like more space,greater freedom, and a cozy retreat reserved all for yourself.

In spite of these perks, however, living alone can be overwhelming and scary at times.

One of the biggest necessities of living alone is a greater awareness of personal safety.  To help with matters of safety, there are some simple tools women living alone can employ to ensure their personal security.

Here are some safety tips recommended by Simone Smith, marketing and community manager for Hubpages:

1.  Always Lock Up

If you are a woman living alone (or anyone, for that matter) play it safe and lock up. Keep in mind that locking up at night can protect you financially as well, as your renter’s insurance will not cover you for stolen goods if you did not properly secure your home. Make it a habit to always lock your doors and windows.

2.  Get Curtains

Curtains not only help to conceal you, but your valuables as well. You would be surprised the many things people can see inside your home at a glance.

3.  Regularly Check-in with a Safety Buddy

Set up a buddy system with a friend or loved one. Let your friends and family know you are okay, especially if you haven’t spoken with them in a few days. Setting up a protected Twitter feed that you can update regarding your whereabouts that only your closest friends and family members follow is a great idea!

4.   Get Motion-Sensitive Outdoor Lights

This is an effective and simple solution! When intruders trip the lights, they get spooked and take off. These come with the added benefit of alerting whoever is inside, and allowing them to be on the lookout.

5.  Install a Home Security System

This can offer real peace of mind, whether you’re at home or away. Make sure you advertise that you have a security system in an effort to try and deter any potential wrong-doers.

6.  Meet Your Neighbors

Get to know those who live around you. It is always good to have dependable neighbors looking out for you and your place at all times.

7.  Consider Getting a Dog or Cat 

Some pets can make great alarms, offer good protection, and be amazing companions.

8.  Monitor Neighborhood Patterns

Familiarize yourself with your surroundings and the comings and goings of those that live around you.

9.  Watch Those Keys! 

 Be sure to keep up with all the spare keys to your home.

10.  Use Common Sense

Trust your judgement with things, always stay alert and be aware.

Remember – Be safe!  Protect Yourself!

Do you have another safety tip for our list?  Please share your safety tip in your comment, below.

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