Simple Ways to Maximize Energy and Confidence

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Grounding Techniques

Guest Post By: Todd Cunningham, Author of Energy Work 101

Being that I am an energy healer by trade, people often ask,

“What can I do to have more confidence and energy?”

The most obvious answer, which you may have heard before, is to eat well, exercise and get plenty of rest. When I was asked, “What are some simple ways to maximize my energy and confidence?” I thought, now that’s a good question.  An even better question is, “What are some simple ways to balance my energy and maximize my confidence?”

About 75 percent of my clientele are women. I think this is because women are naturally more intuitive and they are generally less afraid of their emotions then men. To become proficient with the grounding practice that I describe below, you are required to become more conscious of the information you receive through your emotions. You ground by imagining, visualizing. Women sometimes have an easier time doing this than men, so I encourage female clients to use this to their advantage, rather than trying to deny these intuitions.

  1. Use Your Strength. Our modern society seems to continuously move in a direction of suppressing and controlling feelings and emotions as if they are outdated human responses. It takes a huge amount of energy to suppress and deny your feelings. If you allow yourself to become more conscious of what you feel (physically and emotionally) you will have more information and more energy to work with. You will find a deeper rhythm with yourself. I believe that women are now, on average, the ones leading our society back to a place were individuality is honored.
  2. Your willingness to be aware will ground you. To be fully grounded, you first have to be willing to entertain the idea that there is part of you that does not need your physical body to exist. This is not a belief—it is an awareness. From my experience, most of us are running around with this part (our higher selves) somewhere nearby. If we are upset, we are beside ourselves. When we are in a hurry, we get ahead of ourselves. If we are depressed, we get behind and above ourselves, as if we are watching ourselves from a distance (thus the expression “being distant”).
  3. Being will increase your energy and strengthen your confidence. If you are willing to “be” with yourself and experience yourself, then you will be supporting and allowing all of your subconscious to do what it does best: run, manage and maintain your internal operating systems. Yes, this is much more about allowing and being than it is about doing. The ability to just be is what’s missing from many of our busy lives. So, yes, learning to “just be” will increase your energy and strengthen your confidence.

About the author

Todd Cunningham describes himself as a pioneer in the field of energy healing. After graduating from St. LawrenceEnergy 101 University with a bachelor’s degree in physics, Cunningham became an accomplished teacher and facilitator certified in craniosacral therapy, somatic emotional release, body electronics, massage therapy and chakra balancing. This background has allowed Cunningham to help clients heal themselves from lung and systemic cancer, fibromyalgia, heal broken bones at an expedited rate and succeed at losing large amounts of weight. Todd shares his personal grounding techniques through regular Universal Flow workshops, as the host of a radio show on News for the Soul: Life-Changing Talk Radio, and in his new book, Energy Work 101. For more information, visit

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