Stop Back Pain Before it Starts

Author: Shannon Miller Lifestyle

Stop Back Pain

Sit up straight! Don’t slouch!

Words that you may have heard growing up and now you are telling to your own kids.

You probably never give much thought to your back unless you start experiencing pain in it. The bones, muscles, and joints that make up your back are among your body’s biggest support systems. When any part of that system is weakened or injured, it becomes harder for your back to bear your weight.

Statistics indicate that up to 80% of adults will experience lower back pain at sometime in their life.  You can start now and be proactive in an effort to avoid possible, painful issues in the future.

Here are WebMD’s Top 10 tips for Keeping a Healthy Back:

1. Don’t be a slouch – Your Mom was giving you good advice.  Maintain a healthy back by practicing good posture.

2. Sit up Straight – Choose a chair with good lumbar support.  Be sure to get up and stretch our back every 30 minutes if you have to sit for a while.

3. Take a load off – Never lift anything that is too heavy for you.  Be sure to use the proper lifting techniques when you have to lift anything.

4. Rest Easy – Having a good firm mattress with plenty of back support can do wonders for your back.

5. Strengthen your Support System – Keep your back healthy, strong and limber by exercising it at least two or three times a week.  Walk, swim, and do other low-impact exercises. Yoga and tai chi are also great ways to help strengthen you back and help with balance.

6. Lose Weight – The lighter your frames the easier it is for your back to support.

7. Bone Up – Be sure you are getting enough vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus.

8. Ditch the Stilettos – You should try to wear 1-inch heels (or less). You want to wear shoes that support and cushion each step.

9. Lighten the load – This means avoiding heavy purses or back pack.  Carry only what you need.

10. Stop Smoking – Nicotine restricts blood flow to the discs that cushion and support your spine.

SML TIP:  Utilizing these tips now can help you to avoid painful back issues in the future. Contact your doctor or do research. One of our Walk-Fit sponsors, Heekin Orthopedic, gives you free on-line support with their interactive skeleton that you can click to see what it means when there’s pain in a certain spot.

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