The Positive Attitude Effect

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Did you know that positive thinking can have an overall positive effect on your physical health?

The Mayo Clinic cites that when you use positive thinking, it can help you manage your problems in a healthier way. The effects of positive thinking can reduce your stress and promote healing, because it supports your health and well-being.

A positive outlook can actually help you overcome health issues and prevent additional problems in the following ways: 

  1. Positive thinking can fight depression and anxiety, and it allows you to build up healthy coping skills. When your body is under less stress, it is better able to focus its energy and efforts on healing.
  2. Positive thinking also builds up and strengthens immunity, which helps in fighting certain illnesses.
  3. For many people, an optimistic frame of mind can help to lessen unhealthy habits and behaviors such as smoking and overeating that can actually impair healing.

Methods of positive thinking:

  1. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Don’t allow your mind to think about the worst possible scenario.
  2. Utilize positive self-talk throughout the day. If you catch yourself drifting into negative thoughts, immediately stop and replace them with something positive. (Try the old “write it on the mirror” trick!)
  3. Surround yourself with positive people that support your upbeat state of mind.

TIP:  Make positive thinking a habit!  Taking health and wellness to a whole new level is as easy as adopting a new mindset.  Eventually it will become your default thought pattern, but it does takes time to replace those old negative ones. It takes up 28 days to change a habit, so be patient…but get started now!

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