Healthy Halloween Treats

Author: Shannon Miller Lifestyle

Halloween is just a few days away!

Time for those adorable, little (and some big) trick or treaters to be standing at your front door with their bags held wide open waiting for those yummy, sweet and maybe not very nutritious treats. If you are one of those parents that really cringe at the thought of putting handfuls of basically straight sugar in those bags, well this year you may want to try something a little different.

You can get creative and make up your own healthy bag of tricks and treats!

Here are a just a few ideas that can put a smile on any trick or treater’s face and leave you feeling pretty good as well, knowing you have given them a healthy alternative.

  • Make dried fruit trick or treat bags. Dried fruit is a sweet treat that children enjoy and it still has some nutritional value.Most dried fruit comes already pre-package in small bags. There are many options to choose from such as banana chips, dried apples, raisins, dried apricots and dried cherries.
  • Give out fruit juice boxes. Most kids enjoy fruit juice and it is full of healthy vitamins.You can purchase an assortment of juice boxes from your local grocery store and hand them out as Halloween treats. There are also many low-sugar varieties to choose from.
  • Hand out packages of peanuts. Peanuts make tasty Halloween treats and are packed full of protein. Individually packaged peanuts are sold at most grocery stores and are reasonably priced. Be sure and prepare an alternative treat for children that may have peanut allergies. Ask each child’s parent if it is all right if their child has peanuts before you hand them out.
  • Mix your own trail mix. Children enjoy picking through this hearty Halloween treat (excluding any types of nuts). You can choose from many healthy items that kids like such as raisins, pretzels, and even a few marshmallows.
  • Choose inedible Halloween treats. You have a lot of options when it comes to inedible treats and most kids are not difficult to please. Halloween pencils, erasers, stickers and toys are all excellent choices.

TIP:  These are just a few healthier and fun choices. Your trick or treaters will be sure to enjoy any of these treats!  Suggest your own favorites by adding a comment to this article.


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