Household Cure-Alls: Toothpaste

Author: Shannon Miller

In the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” the featured cure-all item was Windex –

it was used for any ailment that a family member had!  Though SML is not going to suggest using window cleaner to get rid of a headache, we are back this week with another household cure-all item that has many unexpected uses!  This week’s cure-all is toothpaste.  That’s right – it’s not just for cleaning your teeth anymore!

So, if you have a tube of toothpaste in your bathroom and you’re interested in how it can be used for more than just cavity protection, check out the tips below: 1

  • Are your running shoes looking a little ragged? Apply some toothpaste to them and use a brush to scrub the extra-gross looking areas.  Afterward, wipe your kicks with a damp cloth.
  • If your jewelry is looking a little shabby, use an extra (soft) toothbrush and a small amount of toothpaste.  Scrub the toothpaste softly, rinse, and finish by wiping your jewelry with a towel.  This unlikely remedy will leave your jewelry with a special shine. 
  • Have you found yourself with an unexpected blemish the night before your big presentation? Pull out that handy dandy tube of toothpaste and apply it to your unwanted, red-faced friend.  The toothpaste will both help with the redness and dry out the grease.  By morning, you should be on the mend!
  • No time to wait for the bathroom mirror to defog after getting out of the shower? Before showering, apply some toothpaste to the mirror, rub it in thoroughly, and then rinse well.  When you get done with your shower, you’ll be sure to see your clean face a little more clearly looking back at you!
  • Moving out of your house or apartment and need to fill in some pesky nail holes? Get a tube of white toothpaste and start applying!
TIP:  Save a little money by letting that tube of toothpaste go the extra mile for you!
1 Nunn, Nora“Two Dozen Uses for Toothpaste (Aside From Cleaning Your Teeth)”, WiseBread, 26 Nov 201
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