Keeping Track to Stay on Track

Author: Shannon Miller

Change is hard, but certainly doable.

Think back to successful changes you have made in your life.  Did you only feel good about the change when it came to full fruition or did you give yourself credit along the way?  Tracking your progress and acknowledging your success is a great way to keep yourself motivated.

Tracking your progress is also a great way to hold yourself accountable

If it’s in writing, there’s no arguing…your records don’t lie!  So, in trying to stay in shape, what are the important things to keep track of?

One important component of staying in shape revolves around…yes, you guessed it…food!  So, one thing to keep in mind is portion size. (Check out my “Ditch The Diet” article)

When you use a food log to track your caloric intake it’s easy to see where you’re wasting calories and really packing on the pounds. With a few minor adjustment you could see a big improvement!

For example, a good thing to keep track of is whether you’re eating enough fruits and veggies or just filling up on empty calories throughout the day. If your office is notorious for keeping cakes, cookies and other treats within arm’s reach you will likely be munching down a lot more than you think. And beware of those smoothies. Look for those that use natural ingredients and check out the calorie count before ordering the extra large. Drinking lunch doesn’t necessarily add up to a calorie savings.

It can be a little scary at first, just remember, if you don’t know where you’re making the mistakes you won’t be able to fix them. Make small changes so that you create a lifestyle of eating in moderation versus a diet that you won’t stick with down the road.

Every woman is different and therefore requires a different amount of calories.

Most active women require 2200 calories per day.  Caloric intake depends on activity level.  Less active, or sedentary women, require 1800 calories per day.  And extremely active women require 2800 calories per day.

It’s also critical to keep track of your amount of physical activity.  Try to fit in at least 30 minutes of exercise most days.  It’s a good idea to get a mix of cardio, strength, and flexibility.

We are not likely to maintain a lifestyle that we do not enjoy. Try to find exercise and activities that you personally enjoy and you are sure to have an easier time sticking with them!  Below are some different kinds of exercise – you might be surprised that many of them don’t even seem like “work.”

TIP:  If you are keeping track of your exercise, at the end of a week you might be surprised at how much physical activity you were able to fit in!
Moderate Vigorous
Gardening Dancing
Raking leaves Walking stairs
Vacuuming Roller skating / roller blading
Power walking Jumping rope
TIP:  Challenge yourself this week to “keep track in order to stay on track!”  Check out the Shannon Miller Food Journal & Exercise Log – and get on track now!
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