Keeping your Bones Healthy and Happy

Author: Shannon Miller

Calcium is an important source of nutrition when it comes to keeping your bones happy and healthy.

And it’s critical for us – women – to show our bones some TLC in order to lessen our chances of getting osteoporosis.

Check out these calcium-filled snack items that will help keep your bones strong!

Say cheese! Different kinds of cheeses can be used for a variety of different food items, like bagels, sandwiches, omelets, vegetables, and pastas.  If you prefer, choose low or non fat cheeses.

Some good ‘ol fashion puddin’! Pudding (made with milk of course) is a great source of calcium and the best part is you can make it in a variety of flavors, like chocolate fudge, lemon, butterscotch, vanilla, and pistachio.

Yogurt is also offered in a variety of flavors.  Not to mention, it goes great with fruit.  Yogurt is an all-around great item to keep your fridge stocked with!

Make that the frozen kind! Don’t forget frozen yogurt!  It’s great as a snack.  It can also be mixed with milk and fruit to create a nutritious and delicious breakfast shake.

It really does do a body good! Skip the soda and grab a glass of milk!  If you’re not a fan of plain milk, add some low or non-fat flavoring, like chocolate syrup, vanilla extract, hazelnut flavoring, or cinnamon.

TIP:  Do your bones a favor and add these snacks to your menu this week!

Source:  National Institute of Health website.

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