Lend a Healthy Hand

Author: Shannon Miller

Are you concerned about a loved one’s eating habits?

Sometimes it’s hard to start a conversation about a topic like this – you don’t want it to be awkward and you don’t want them to think you are somehow sitting in judgment of them.  The truth of the matter is – if you’re serious about helping, you have to work up the nerve to say something.

You could start by explaining why eating healthy is important:

  • “It’s important to me that you lead a healthy lifestyle.  I want you to live a long and fulfilled life.”
  • “A healthy diet can protect you from things like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and bone loss.”

Next, make it a joint effort.  Suggest things that the two of you can do together:

  • “Let’s take a trip to the grocery store together and try to find some healthy (yet tasty!) foods.”
  • “Let’s try to cook together each week and prepare a healthy meal that we can both enjoy.”

Lend a healthy hand! Ask what you can do to help…

  • “How can I help you eat healthier?”
  • “What is the most difficult obstacle for you when it comes to healthy eating?  How can I help you overcome that obstacle?

TIP:  Remember, you can make all the difference for someone in your life!

Source: http://healthfinder.gov/prevention/

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