The “ORAWeo” Healthy Cookie Recipe

Author: Shannon Miller Lifestyle

Oraweo recipe

Guest Author: Chef Bryan Au’s Raw Star Recipe: “Look-Younger” Healthy Cookies!

This ORAWeo healthy cookies version has no transfat or artificial anything.

We are all natural organic beings and it makes no sense to be putting things in or on our bodies that are not all natural and organic! More people are waking up to this fact and I am more than pleased and honored to help make it a truly enjoyable gourmet sweet experience. I know you will love this easy delectable childhood favorite treat! People tell me they can’t get enough of ORAWeos and love it a lot. Kids really go all out for this recipe, they love to make and eat them. Parents like it because they know it is low glycemic or low in sugar so it is very well balanced. This ORAWeo healthy cookie is actually a living food because the nuts are soaked so you are getting even more nutritious goodness in each bite!

The ORAWeo Healthy Cookies

2 Cups Raw Organic Sunflower Seeds (you can substitute Ground Raw Organic Golden Flax Seeds or Flax USA packaged brand for this recipe)
5 Tablespoons Carob Powder
5 Tablespoons Coconut Nectar (you can also make your own sweetener with some water and raisins or water and dates blended in a blender adjust to your liking, but new coconut nectar has very healthy no sugar, low glycemic, netural Ph, living enzymes, that you will feel amazingly healthy after just trying it once! Available on my Online Store)
1/2 Cup of Organic Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
Small Cookie Cutters (optional, you can use your hands)

Put the Sunflower Seeds into the Blender and blend until it becomes a powder and put in a large bowl. Mix by hand the Carob Powder until well coated then blend in the Really Raw Agave by hand until evenly mixed and is a “dough” consistency. Then using your hands you can roll small balls then flatten into cookie 2 shapes make sure they are well compacted, spoon desired amount of “creamy filling” which is the coconut oil, in between 2 of the “cookies” and enjoy.

Servings: 2 -3

Cooking Tip: If you live where it is very hot and the coconut oil is liquid then you will need to cool it to a solid state. What I like to use are cute cookie cutters and molds in the shape of hearts and stars. It is easy to press the almond carob mix down, add the coconut oil gently press down then add more carob almond pulp mix and press down firmly, then gently ease it out of the mold or cookie cutter.

This is such a all natural super food and super nutritious desserts and snacks because the recipes are alive and living with fully activated enzymes, nutrients and vitamins while the coconut oil has anti-aging properties and is an all natural high quality oil with so many benefits.

The super energy really comes through in the super taste of this ORAWeo healthy cookie recipe. Can you imagine a sweet decadent snack treat that is actually good for you, helps anti-age and beautify you from the inside!? Well now you get to enjoy it and it is real.

  • Kids really love it and you are providing them with the best food on the planet.
  • Adults totally love these too so make some for your friends and teach them all the benefits, they will thank you for it.

An innovative organic living super food dessert! ORAWeo healthy cookie is my most popular and requested dessert recipe.

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