Treat Your Toes Right With An At Home Pedicure

Author: Shannon Miller

Work, carpool, cooking, cleaning, sporting events, homework…if this sounds like your typical week, you deserve to treat yourself, Mom!

After all, if Mama ain’t happy – ain’t nobody happy! So, try relaxing while giving yourself a pedicure!

Sneak away to your favorite room in the house, turn on your favorite show or radio station or just enjoy the quiet, and follow these at-home pedicure tips:*


  • Remove the existing nail polish.  Don’t use too much nail polish remover, though, because it can dry out your nail.
  • Soak your feet in warm water, so it is easier to trim your toenails; cut your nails straight across.
  • Moisturize your cuticles with a thick, softening moisturizer.
  • Use a sugar scrub to massage your feet, legs, hands, and arms.  Rinse the scrub when done.
  • Push the cuticle back away from the nail and trim it; be sure not to trim too close to the nail bed as this can be damaging to the nail.
  • Remove any moisturizer from the nail with nail polish remover, so that the nail polish will dry easily.  Keep moisturizer on the cuticle area.
  • Polish the nail in layers; allow time for the nail to dry before putting on the next layer.  Do 1 base coat, 2 coats of color, and 1 top coat.  Give your toes time to dry.  Avoid using quick-dry polishes as these can peel easily.
  • When your toes dry, moisturize the cuticle area again; this protects the cuticle and allows for healthy nail growth.

Use these tips to indulge yourself this week!  Take time out to pamper yourself!

*“Home Manicures and Pedicures”, The Cosmetics Cop, 7 Jan 2011.

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