Fit Beyond Fifty

Author: Shannon Miller

As we age, we don’t want to lose the quick-witted, vibrant, bouncing- out-of-bed-to-conquer-our-day mentality. Wouldn’t we all like to remain “fit beyond fifty”?

Moira Berman is here to share how being over 50 doesn’t mean slowing down. She KNOWS that you CAN age amazingly, and she’s on a mission to not only prove it, but to make sure YOU get to live with all the energy, enthusiasm, and passion you deserve.  

I’m excited to be a part of an interview series Moira has created called Fit Beyond Fifty: Strategies to Reclaim Your Power Over Health & Fitness, and Age with Gusto! She’s gathered a number of experts whose passion is to help us age amazingly! They’ll teach us the importance of exercise, sleep, care for our hormones, and even how the events in our past affect how we grow toward our futures.

I’m excited to talk about how important self-care truly is and how it not only helps us as individuals but also helps us remain active and healthy for all of those who depend on us. When we make our health a priority, even just a little bit each day, it can add up to some wonderful benefits in the long run! And there is no better time to start than right now…

And I have a free ticket for you to attend!

What would it be worth if you knew you could be the best you as you move beyond fifty? A lot, I’ll bet. I’m excited to be speaking at this event and look forward to learning a few things myself!  

I hope to “see” you there.

P.S. In case you’re wondering who the speakers are, here are just a handful: Forbes Riley, Jay Campbell, and of course yours truly! All speakers can be found right here.


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