Makeup during Chemotherapy with Renee Parenteau

Author: Shannon Miller

I met Renee Parenteau years ago, doing a shoot for Spectrum Films here in Jacksonville. It was all about goal setting. I loved the people so much that a year later when I need a perfect partner for my company Shannon Miller Lifestyle I went straight to the top, Nick Furris. After days of brainstorming and digging to the bottom of what I truly wanted to accomplish, I knew that this was where I needed to be.

We began to form our team and it’s the best one out there! Renee has long been part of the team, making sure I look great at every shoot. Renee, a top professional make up artist, has been on my radio show recently, and travels the world to work for high profile celebrities and major industry shoots.

The upside of my work is that during photo shoots and commercial shoots I learn a lot about hair and makeup. I like to look nice but I don’t have the patience for detailed makeup and hair application. I come from a world where frizzy ponytails were to be tied back so that they did not interfere with full twisting double somersaults, and make up was pointless since I’d sweat it off during the warm up round.

Of course, at some point that did change, and while I still hate to take more than 10 minutes to get ready, I do like to pick up tips from the people who know best…the professional make artists!

So today I’ve invited my friend, Renee Pareneau of Pro Make Up over to show us chemo girls how to look our best when we maybe don’t feel our best.

We’re actually preparing for a quick photo shoot this afternoon. You can check out some of the video on my YouTube Channel and we’ll have some still photos up soon.

Today’s look will also be a little different. I have the typical “chemo” look going on. I’ve lost my hair so we’re dealing with the baldness and possibly a wig for a few shots. On the make up front, my eye lashes have thinned and I just seem to need a boost in color.

Never fear Renee is here to rescue us all! Not only has she worked on major celebrities, she also spends time giving lessons to women going through chemo and radiation.

Here is a list of Renee’s picks to get you through this difficult time looking fabulous!

  1. Indelible eye gel liner: “Black Out”   A gel is easy to control and has staying power and gives the lashes and eye line definition and fills in lashes as they grow in.
  2. An angle brush-provides a sharp line for gel liner or creating brows with an eye shadow.
  3. Blush glow in “Cinnamon Rose” or “Captive.”  “Chaos” for deeper skin tones. (with #522 fluffy blush brush)
  4. Indelible cream shadow in “Nude Frost” or “Bare Necessity” (matte) to even out the eyelid and for staying power under eye shadows (with #632 brush)
  5. Lip Gel-”Starlit” or “Tropicoral” glossy with a hint of color to brighten the face! 

Other products:

  • Strip lashes from CVS, Walgreens,  Sephora or Sally Beauty Supply, with DUO lash adhesive in black. (These are a MUST HAVE)
  • MAC Cosmetics “Coquette’” or “Omega” eye shadows for defining brows with an angle brush.
  • For an eyebrow stencil: Anastasia Five Piece Brow Kit or Sephora.

Renee: “A pretty and polished natural makeup lifts the spirits!”

To learn more about Renee Parenteau Pro Makeup, please visit

If you  have make up tips that work for you or some exciting new products that we should know about make sure to let us know at!!
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