Olympic Gymnast, Shannon Miller Competes With Cancer

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Olympic Gymnast, Shannon Miller Competes With Cancer

Shannon Miller, the most decorated gymnast in United States history, tells the story of her journey from super star athlete to cancer survivor in her free eBook.

Shannon Miller - Competing with Cancer eBookShannon Miller, winner of 7 Olympic and 9 World Championship medals, tells the story of how she went from superstar athlete and new mother to ovarian cancer survivor in a free eBook called, “Competing with Cancer.”

Shannon writes, “I wrote Competing with Cancer and continue my work with Shannon Miller Lifestyle to share lessons learned through my personal journey. I want others affected by a cancer diagnosis to know that this is a challenge unlike any other, and if you want to win you have to compete.”

Her story is available in a free eBook at the Cancer Solution Center, a company dedicated to helping patients successfully manage the most common side effects of chemo and radiation therapy with non-pharmacological medical foods. Their goal is to help every oncology patient get through treatment by minimizing the side effects so they can eat properly, exercise, do the things they enjoy and successfully complete their treatment.

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