Special Message: One Year Out and Cancer Free!!

Author: Shannon Miller

One Year Out Chemo- Shannon Miller

I want to thank everyone who has offered thoughts, prayers and support throughout my recent health battle.

Last year, after letting my family and close friends know of the situation, I went public with my cancer battle. My hope was to encourage women to focus on their health. Cancer doesn’t care where we are from, how old we are or how many gold medals we won. It touches us all in some way.

In early 2011 I was diagnosed with a malignant germ cell tumor, a form of ovarian cancer.

My cancer was caught early and I am thankful to so many who helped remind me that it was important to take time for my own health. I hope that I can continue to be a voice for women’s cancers and the many health issues that women face. My message: It is not selfish to take time for yourself. It is very selfless. If we don’t take care of our own health, we can’t be here for everyone else. If you have not received your annual check up or if you have put off a follow up visit, I urge you to pick up the phone today. Make that appointment.

I had no symptoms and almost postponed my appointment. That thought, that I might have waited another year, goes through my mind every time I look at my son. Please, take the time. We may not be able to prevent every issue but early detection certainly gives us options and could even save your life. Make that appointment.

After, surgery to remove the tumor and my left ovary I went through a nine week chemotherapy regimen. On May 2nd, 2012 I celebrated one year out from chemo. I am now happy to say that I am cancer free! Like so many other women out there, I am a survivor. I am thankful to all of my sisters who have battled through this dreaded disease to give women like me hope. Hope for healing, hope for life and hope that there will one day be a cure.

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