Creative Ways to Help a New Mom Who Just Gave Birth

Author: Shannon Miller Lifestyle

Maybe you’re way past having new additions to the family, but many people know at least one person who is pregnant! If you want to help out in some way, you can of course opt for taking them a meal or even organizing a meal train through a service like Take them a Meal... which is AWESOME, so don’t let the following other ways deter you from that amazing gesture, but maybe you want to go a little further or you like to think outside the box. If so, we polled some mama friends and also looked at what other bloggers suggest to give you some creative ways to help a mom who just gave birth- whether it’s her first or her fifth!

  • Maureen Witmer from Take Them a Meal had some great ideas in this post like bringing along some diapers, wipes, or pampering lotion and scrubs for Mom in addition to dinner! Not to mention, she will often buy them on sale to keep these things on hand when a need arises.
  • Cassy C. said, “It’s awesome to have someone come over to your house and sit with the baby for an afternoon so you can shower and sleep. Also, instead of a meal train, set up a diaper/formula/baby supplies train.”
  • Marley D.: “I forget where I heard it, maybe the radio, but a “postpartum pot luck” where friends come over and bring food, diapers, other fun presents and clean the house, let you sleep, etc. This could be instead of (or in addition to) a baby shower!”
  • Amanda K. B. suggested to help a new mom clean their house OR just hire someone to do it for them. “There’s not many people I would let clean my house, but I would totally take a professional that’s been hired!”
  • A favorite we found from Thriving Home was if the family has older children who need to be occupied during frequent feedings, try to bring some sidewalk chalk, coloring books, puzzles, playdoh, etc. Call it a Nursing Time Box! This can include gently used toys and books (and don’t miss the sweet poem!) 
  • Casey S. says, “Since I’m about to have 2 under 2, I’m just assuming this would be helpful… Have a friend take your older child(ren) for the morning or afternoon so you could be one on one with the baby.”
  • Sarah S.: “Some of my friends came over ‘to spend time’ with me, but actually kicked me out on a date with my husband and they watched the kids. And as if I wasn’t thankful and humbled enough by THAT, I came home to find out they did 3 loads of laundry and folded them, cleaned up the kitchen and put all dishes away, picked up the playroom, and vacuumed. I was tearfully grateful! Sometimes as new moms, we don’t speak up even though people ask, so in my opinion just DOING something is helpful instead of ASKING how you can help!”“Also, another close friend and I delivered 4 days apart from each other and would come to one another’s home once weekly for a play date and let the other have a long luxurious shower and “get ready”, which sounds silly but was so amazing.”
  • Beth Williby from A Welcome Grace has some GREAT ideas in her blog post here: 7 WAYS TO PAMPER A NEW (BUT NOT FIRST-TIME) MOM. Most if it involves sweet time and kind words… something new moms need desperately!
  • Suzi Whitford from suggested to gift the new mom with an Amazon prime subscription or Instacart membership. “Both are around $100 per year, and it’s a life saver for a new mom who can’t leave the house easily. Grocery delivery is divine when you’re a new mom!” The SHIPT membership can also be an absolute life saver, too, according to the mom above, Sarah!

So, what do you think? What are more ways you can help a new mom out? Thanks to everyone who helped pool together these ideas!

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