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by CarrieFit owner, Carrie Harper

I wasn’t an active kid. Sports weren’t my thing. As I got older, I had the same misconceptions many other young women have: exercise will make me bigger, I don’t need fitness, etc.

Then, a friend in college brought me to step class. She forced me, really. And I was hooked. That was 1993, my freshman year at Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida. A year later, I was a certified group exercise instructor and teaching that step class at FSU.

Like anyone that gets into fitness, I had found something that I really enjoyed doing, and then I discovered the health benefits of that activity. Fitness changed every aspect of my life. I felt better. I slept better. I was strong. I was healthy. And I wanted to help everyone around me discover all of these benefits.

Believe it or not, I did not get my degree in fitness. I had considered it, but was already on the track  for music education. That is what my degree is in, and I do enjoy teaching music to kids. At every school where I have worked, I have also taught fitness classes around the community.

Finally, in 2004, I certified in personal fitness training and in health coaching through American Council on Exercise. Since then, I have developed formats to help people with their health and fitness. I do wellness seminars, fitness challenges, yoga classes, personal workout sessions, and question and answer sessions. I also started working with businesses with a fitness training model called Corporate Fit Challenge, which is Trina Grays model.

By far, the best avenue I have found has been through Beachbody. This corporation has developed and continues to develop the best, most scientifically researched, fitness and nutrition products. They have the well-advertised fitness products such as P90X and Insanity, but they also have the only pure super food shake on the market, Shakeology. They have many other systems that help people with their fitness and nutrition, that I do not have any hesitation recommending to my clients, because I know they are quality products and instruction.

The amazing thing about being a Beachbody coach and affiliate is that everyone has this opportunity. Not everyone has the interest in being a certified trainer, but any person that wants to help others with health and fitness can start their business with Beachbody in a way that works for them, and with the support of an upline coach and a whole team of experts.tiny headshot

A person who does feel compelled to certify in personal training and/or health coaching should take a look at fitness training certification programs by ACE, NASM, and ACSM. Getting a nationally accredited personal trainer certification adds credentials to your resume and can open a lot of doors.

Do you have questions about starting your fitness business? Please email me. I’m glad to help you get started in Beachbody, or in finding the right certification path for you.

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