5 Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

Author: Shannon Miller Lifestyle

Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

Forget to get yourself a Halloween costume?

We pulled together some of the easiest last minute costume ideas we could find and put them together right here for you, keeping in mind that most of the things you need are things that you most likely already have lying around your house. Check out these costume ideas and share with us your favorite last minute Halloween costume ideas.













As long as you have black t-shirt, a white, t-shirt, and some scissors, you will be good to go for this DIY skeleton costume. Check out this video from Martha Stewart for complete instructions. For makeup, you can use a white foundation or just use black eyeliner to draw a skull on your face like this tutorial on Pinterest. Pair with some black pants and black shoes and you are ready to go!

Crazy Cat Lady

crazy cat lady



















Have a robe and some stuffed cats? That is all you will need here! Using safety pins, you can attach some smaller cats to the robe and then carry a few along with you as props. For an extra bonus, add a few mismatched curlers into your hair, and you are ready to go! Credit designdazzle.com.

Minion from Despicable Me




















A yellow t-shirt, overalls, and some goggles and you’ve got a ready to go minion costume. For an extra touch, add a yellow beanie with a few black pipe cleaners.

3 Blind Mice

three blind mice









Have a group of 3? This 3 Blind Mice costume is easy to pull off pretty quickly. All you need is matching solid colored shirts and pants, some sunglasses, and some mice ears. Now this one might not be AS easy to just throw together, but hit up your nearest Walmart or Target for the matching clothes the day before or day of and you will be good to go. The hardest part would be making the ears if you don’t have time to buy them, and those can be easily made with some black felt and a black headband.

101 Dalmations

101 dalmations














If you have a bigger group, this is a great and easy costume for you! A white t-shirt and a sharpie are your easiest route here, just make sure you keep a piece of cardboard in between your shirt while drawing on the spots so they don’t bleed through. Or for a little more detail, check out this tutorial from Everyday Art.

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