5 Must-Have Child Safety Gadgets for Late Summer

Author: Shannon Miller Lifestyle

By Guest Author, Sarah Kellner

Most moms would agree that if we could simply wrap our kids into little safety bubbles to protect them, we absolutely would.

Unfortunately, bubbles are not an option. There are, however, a host of gadgets on the market that take the guesswork out of child safety and put everything right at your fingertips.

Whether you’re a new mom or a seasoned veteran in the ways of parenting, these gadgets will give you peace of mind as you roll from summer into fall.

Year-Round Pool Safety

While swimming in the pool is a fun summer activity for the whole family, parents are keenly aware that pools also pose a major threat to their kids’ safety. In some states, pool owners are legally required to protect non-swimmers from gaining access to their pool. Installing a safety fence, like this one from GLI Pool Products, around your pool is a great first step, and the icing on the cake is adding a fence-mounted infrared motion sensor that will emit a high decibel alarm when breached. Because of its proximity to the pool, the alarm will give parents ample notice and time to respond. Optex has a line of outdoor motion sensors that work for this application.

Baby’s on Camera

Remember the old school baby monitors that looked like white Walkie Talkies and were just as static-y? Technology is forever moving onward and upward, and baby monitors are no exception. The latest baby monitors on the market now, like the Uniden Lullaboo UBR243, not only allow parents to watch their babies on high-res, full color video, but also digitally pan, tilt and zoom to see a full 15 ft. range. Parents can watch live, record and even view the feed remotely via Skype.

No Key and Worry-Free

If your kids are a little older and are returning back to school, one home automation device that you’ll find especially helpful is a keyless door lock. With the  Schlage Camelot Aged Bronze Alarm Touchscreen Deadbolt, you can assign your kids their own entry code and receive text alerts when that code is used, so you know the moment they arrive home. If your kids forget to lock the door once inside, you can lock it remotely with your smartphone. The screen’s matte finish protects against fingerprints and smudges that could clue an intruder into the keys most often used.

Track Wandering Kids with GPS

If you’re a mom, chances are you’ve had the panic-filled nightmare that you’re in a busy department store or airport and your child disappears. You retrace your steps as you frantically search every aisle and rack. What if there was a way to keep track of your curious child in the event that they wander away while your back is turned? There are several options available that use GPS to track your child in real time. The Amber Alert GPS 2G is designed to fit in a backpack or be worn on the child’s wrist and can be programmed to send you texts and emails with your child’s location along with a map. It can also give you “bread crumbs” to show where your child has been.

Keep an Eye on Things

Whether you want to monitor your kids after school, keep tabs on the new nanny, or just make sure the dog stays off the couch, you can do it when you install a security camera like Dropcam. With Dropcam’s two-way talk feature, you can speak directly with your kids from the device, or reprimand a naughty pet. With intelligent alerts for motion and sound as well as night vision, you’ll always know what’s going on at home.

What smart devices do you use to keep your kids safe and sound?

Based in Atlanta, Sarah Kellner writes for Home Depot about unique smart home technologies. Sarah provides homeowners with info on the latest gadgets that will help to keep your family safe. To see the products that Sarah talks about in her article, visit the Home Automation pages on The Home Depot website.

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