Doing Yoga with Your Little One: Say Mmohmmy

Author: Shannon Miller

Looking for a way to spend a relaxing afternoon with your child?

Rather than popping in a movie or video game, try something different – like exercise! If you’ve ever tried yoga, you know it’s a great way to manage stress and relax. Though your child may not have to deal with as many daily stressors as you, yoga could still help him/her to relax, not to mention spend quality time with you! Check out some yoga poses below that you and your child could enjoy together:*

1. Jumping frogs!

Squat down (so your butt is close to the ground) with your feet shoulder-width apart. Press your palms and fingers together with your elbows sticking out. Each time one of you says “ribbit,” you both have to jump like frogs as high as you can! Remember to resume squatting position when you come back down.

2. Turtle kisses.

Sit facing one another with your legs far apart, your knees bent, and your feet flat. Put your arms under your knees and extend them behind you with your palms flat on the ground. Lower your forehead as far to the ground as possible (as if you’re a turtle putting its head back into its shell). When you raise your head back up, make kissing noises to one another!

3. Make like a tree!

Stand side by side with your feet flat, your toes pointing forward, and your hands on your hips. Bend your right knee, turn it the side, pull your right foot up the inside of your left leg, and rest it on your left calf. Extend your arms up and out like branches. Spread your fingers apart. Hold the position for 5 seconds and then do the same pose with your left leg.

TIP:  Exercising with your child is a great way to encourage him/her to make fitness a part of his/her routine later in life! Not to mention, time is the best thing to spend on your child! *

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