Easing Your Child Into Their Own Bed

Author: Shannon Miller Lifestyle

Sometimes getting your young child to sleep in their own bed can become a battle.

Once you have started the habit of letting your little one sleep in your bed, it can become so routine and comfortable for them you may have a difficult time transitioning them into their own room.

Many times a sleep-deprived parent will just give in for convenience sake. Then you may still have to deal with your child’s tossing, turning and kicking through out the night, not to mention a loss of privacy.

So what can you do to help ease them into their own bed without a lot of drama?

Here are a few tips for making that permanent transition to their own bed, for him or her:

  1. Make your child’s room inviting, decorated to his/her taste, and age-appropriate. Allow your child to help decorate a little by picking out some of their favorite things to put in their room. Give your child a few choices! The general idea is you want your child to absolutely love their room and want to spend time in it!
  2. Consider the size of the bed. Some children may feel intimidated or even threatened by the size of a larger bed. Toddler beds can provide a nice transition between crib and twin. These beds often are available in  fun, themed designs. Make sure your child can easily get in and out of bed and feels comfortable in it.
  3. Establish a memorable bedtime routine. The routine does not need to be elaborate; however, it should be something your child looks forward to each night and considers a special time. Come up with a ritual that works best for your child.
  4. Require your child to go to the bathroom just before bedtime. Sometimes it’s the need to go to the bathroom that then causes the child to wake and then want company.
  5. Don’t lie down with your child, or if you do, only stay for a brief time. You don’t want to mislead them into to thinking you are staying.
  6. Establish the rule that your child will now sleep in his/her own bed and make NO exceptions!
  7. Don’t weaken to crying or whining. If you do, your child wins.
  8. Finally, even if you are totally exhausted or it’s an unseemly hour of the night, walk your child back to his/her room immediately if you receive a visitor. Don’t over-react or give it too much attention, gently remind them of the “big kid” rule of sleeping in their own beds!

TIP:  Don’t forget to praise your child once they have finally slept a full night in their own beds.  Continue to encourage the habit.  Sweet dreams!

Source:  “How To Get Your Child To Stay In Bed All Night”, About.com.


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