Families, Take the Pledge This Summer

Author: Shannon Miller

Families, Take the Pledge This Summer: Make Together Count for Your Kids Health

By Lisa Gable

Shannon Miller Lifestyle is a proud member of Together Counts™

For many American families, this is the summer of making Together Count. I’m talking about the Together Counts™ program, which encourages families to eat meals together and engage in physical activities together to help counter obesity and promote good health.

The campaign was launched by the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation (HWCF), a group of 160 member organizations to which Shannon Miller Lifestyle belongs.  HWCF and Shannon Miller Lifestyle and the Shannon Miller Foundation share a commitment to reducing obesity, especially childhood obesity. The Together Counts initiative makes good sense. Families that eat together and share regular physical activities are happier and healthier.

The Together Counts campaign invites families to take the pledge – to work together and share meals together.

One of the most important ways to fight obesity is by engaging in healthy physical activity. It’s a two-way street:  Both how many calories we take in and how many we expend. The best time to start pursuing this kind of energy balance is the summer — the season of swimming and hiking, playing baseball and just plain going out and having a good time.  There are lots of opportunities for families to engage in healthy physical activities together. And sharing a meal together is especially fun when it’s a picnic or a barbecue. So this summer, let’s start making Together Count.

For more TIPS:  check out www.togethercounts.com.

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