Gold Medal Calcium!

Author: Shannon Miller

Little boys eating calcium rich queso

One mineral that your children’s diet should be familiar with is calcium. 

During childhood and adolescence, calcium is very important for helping your child to build strong, sturdy bones.

Calcium is also important when it comes to muscle contraction and normal cell function.  If blood calcium levels are low, guess where the body gets the calcium that it needs?  You guessed it – poor, unsuspecting bones!  So, how can we make sure our children are getting their fair share of calcium in their diet?

Check out these tips for helping our children get more calcium in their diet…

  • We can set an example for our children by doing things like drinking milk with meals and eating snacks that are rich in calcium.
  • Make calcium rich foods a regular part of your family’s meals.
  • Try to stray from buying soda and snacks that are not rich in calcium.
  • Stock your kitchen with calcium-rich snacks that are easy for your children to get their hands on…

– Cheese cubes                                    – Broccoli with yogurt dip

– String cheese                                   – Individual cheese pizzas

– Yogurt and frozen yogurt          – Tortillas

– Cereal with low-fat milk              – Almonds

TIP:  What will you do this week to make your kid a calcium kid?!

Source: “Kids and Their Bones: A Guide for Parents.”  Osteoporosis and Related Bone Diseases National Resource Center

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