Healthy And Active Kids!

Author: Shannon Miller

There’s nothing more that a parent wants for a child than for them to be happy and healthy.

But it’s just as easy for our children to get off their “healthy track” as it for us.  I mean c’mon, Mom, physical activity gets in the way of television shows and Facebook time!  Sometimes it’s so much easier to pick up fast food on the way to the soccer game than it is to sit down as a family and eat a healthy meal. 

The good news is that just because it’s not always easy doesn’t mean it’s not possible – with a little extra effort, you can be sure that your kids are staying on that healthy track!

One important part of being healthy is getting (or staying) active – make this a family project!

  • Walk the dog as a family.
  • Bike to the library together.
  • Go exploring at a nearby park.
  • Go to the beach or a nearby lake together.
  • Allow the kids to pick family activities – get them excited about being active!

Another important part of being healthy is eating healthy.  Make healthy eating a part of your family’s routine:

  • Add more vegetables, fruits, and whole grains to your grocery list.  Let your child pick out healthy foods to try – again, get them excited about being healthy!
  • For children age 2 and older, give them fat-free or low-fat milk instead of soda or sugary juices.
  • Don’t let your child skip breakfast; doing so can make him/her more likely snack on junk food later.  For a well balanced breakfast, try giving your child whole grain cereal with fat-free milk and a side of fruit.
  • As often as possible, sit at the table and eat together as a family.  Plan healthy and affordable meals that everyone can take their time enjoying.  Let the kids help plan and prepare the meal.

TIP:  The most important part of your kids being healthy is that they have someone (you!) to model their healthy behavior after.  If you make staying active and eating healthy a priority, your kids are more likely to do so!



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