Keep Your Parents Active

Author: Shannon Miller

As we get older, so do our parents…it’s funny how that works, huh??

And just like it’s important for us to stay active, it’s important for our parents as well. 

Physical activity can help lessen the risk of heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes; improve strength and balance; and be a good safeguard against depression. Being aware of these benefits may be just what your parents need to get motivated!

Encourage your parents to engage in 2.5 hours of aerobic activity each week – activities that get the heart pumping!

Some good examples include:

  • walking,
  • dancing,
  • and even raking leaves.

Doing strengthening activities 2 days per week is also a good idea.

Strengthening activities might include weight lifting (2-5 lbs) or using exercise bands.  A helpful tip for such activities is to breathe out as you lift something and breathe in as you relax – basically, don’t forget to breathe!

And finally, it’s all about balance!  Doing balance activities 3 or more days per week can be very beneficial.

Some examples include

  • practicing standing on 1 foot,
  • standing up from a sitting position,
  • and doing some yoga poses.

If your parents have health problems (i.e. heart disease, diabetes, obesity, etc.), encourage them to talk to their healthcare provider before starting an exercise program.

TIP:  After all they’ve done for us, the least we could do for them is let them know that we care about them being healthy.


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