Mom, do I have to do my homework?

Author: Shannon Miller Lifestyle

Mother giving directions to child about homework.

It’s the end of the day, you’re rushing to get dinner ready, trying to get everyone fed and in between you’re trying to get your sweet child or children to sit down and do their homework.

Then do you meet with a resistant tone followed by the words “but I don’t want to”, or “I don’t know how to do it”?

Many parents face this situation nightly when it comes to getting their kids to do their homework, which seems to have become more of a stressful dilemma for the family, than an independent “must do” for your child.

Have no fear, you can help get them on the right track and ready to do their assignments without to much fuss, with a few good steps:

  1. Create a personal work space – Find a spot in your home that is comfortable, quite and that your child actually wants to go to do their assignments. Make it their spot!
  2. Determine the best time for homework From the first day school starts you should determine when your child will be doing their homework. It is good to make this a time that works well for your child as well as others in the house.The goal should be to select a regular time that is workable for everyone — both the family’s schedule and your child’s needs. Think about your child’s temperament. Be consistent with it.
  3. Give direction, but not directions – Kids will need help with their homework from time to time, but it is important to help in ways that will lead to independence. Help them by guiding them to help make the assignment more clear.
  4. Offer guidance and support when needed – Sometimes your child may require a little more one-on-one help from school and at home.  Go over the directions and materials with your child, making sure they are clear about what needs to be done.  Talk about what needs to be completed — even if it is only a portion of the assignment—and then disappear.

TIP:  In whatever way you decide that you need to help your child with their homework, it is important to remember and keep in focus whose assignment it really is. When it is all said and done, you want your child to be able to grow and learn from doing their homework.

Source: the Discovery Education website

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