Plan The Ultimate Pool Party For Your Child

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Your son comes to you and says “Mom, I want to have my next birthday party out at our pool.” You smile and nod, because that sounds like a wonderful location for a party.

Here’s how to have the ultimate pool birthday party – the one your child will always remember:

The guest list

Your kids know who they want to invite. Let them make up the list, and they’ll get a lot of fun out of it. Work with them to make sure the list is complete, and they don’t overlook anyone. The roster of their friends at school or church will give you a pretty good idea of who needs to be on the list.

The party theme

It’s time to think outside the box. You might think Hawaiian theme might be good, but will that be a big deal for the kids? Isn’t there a new Spiderman movie out? Maybe build the theme for the party around action heroes. Invite the children wear a bathing suit of their favorite action hero.

Pick the time

If your son’s birthday is in August and you live in Texas, maybe an evening party is better, to avoid that scorching heat. If his birthday is in April, and there’s still a chill in the evening air, an afternoon party will take advantage of the warmth. Choose wisely, and you’ll maximize everyone’s ability to enjoy the party.

Great invitations

If you host a party for adults, you can use Evite or email. But think about it from a kid’s perspective – what a thrill it will be for them to get a party invitation in the mail. Call the parents to get addresses, and quietly confirm that each child can swim. Make sure to let the parents know they are welcome to stay for the party. Find fun invitations that go along with the theme of the party.


Dress up the yard – it will get the kids into the spirit of the party. Get some Spiderman posters and put them around the yard, and figure out how to string up some webs in the trees. This is another chance for some creative ideas. If the party will run into the evening, put up some lighting to accent the trees, and it will add atmosphere to the pool area.

Pool entertainment

You ask Jeremy about pool games, and he rolls his eyes and says, “Mom, we just want to have fun.” Fun for the kids is likely just being in the pool and making up their own games. After all – the pool is the entertainment. As long as they are having fun – ease back and let them continue. If they slow down, have a few ideas to toss out, like Treasure Hunt (maybe rename it Spider Hunt) – make them face the other way and throw coins in the water, that they can then collect. Have some games set up in the back yard, like some Frisbees or a bean bag toss, for when they sit out after the meal.

A super kid’s meal

Parents are pretty familiar with the popular kid’s meal choices – burgers or pizza. Ask your child to conduct a poll of what the kids would like for a meal. If they want burgers – have your husband fire up the back yard barbecue. If it’s pizza – order a delivery. Either way, add some soft drinks and the kids will get the meal that’s fun for them. Have some chicken or shrimp available for the parents.

Safety at the pool

If you have a big guest list, you’ll be busy playing hostess. If the kids want burgers, your husband will be busy cooking. Neither of you is a great candidate to supervise the kids in the pool. Besides, who wants to try to herd a bunch of rambunctious kids? Hire one of the lifeguards from the community pool to work at your party. Chances are one of them lives nearby. Now you have kid crowd control that the kids will pay attention to – they spend the summer minding the lifeguards, who have the authority to pull them out of the pool.

Prepare for the parents

Because it’s a pool party, some parents will want to stay just to make sure their kids are safe. If they see a lifeguard, it will reassure them. Set up some tables in the shade, where the parents can sit and visit. Make sure they are all properly introduced.

Take care of wet clothes

Have small bags available, so the kids can run in to the bathroom and change, to get that soggy swim suit home. Solve an issue for the parents, so they don’t have to put towels on their car seats, and have grouchy kids in wet suits by the time they get home.

You wave as the last guest drives off, turn and your son is standing right beside you. “Thanks Mom – this was a super party!” You smile, knowing you have given him the party that he really wanted.

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