Shannon Shares About the First Few Weeks with Baby Sterling

Author: Shannon Miller Lifestyle

Team SML is ecstatic for Shannon and family on the birth of baby Sterling Diane!

Having a baby is such a blessing and after the battle Shannon faced with ovarian cancer, uncertain if she could ever conceive again, we have to say WHAT A MIRACLE little Sterling is! We sat down and spoke with Shannon a little on how things have been going so far and how Rocco is adjusting to life with his new little sister.

Shannon Miller Lifestyle: What differences have you noticed so far in Sterling from when Rocco was a newborn?

Shannon Miller: There haven’t been too many differences between Rocco as an infant and Sterling. In fact, even with looks, they could practically be twins! I think the biggest differences are in us as parents. We have more confidence this time and have a better idea what to expect. We know what things we did well (and not so well) with Rocco, so we’ve learned along the way. Rocco was generally such an easy baby; we just wanted to try to duplicate that with Sterling as far as eating, sleeping, etc. We started with BabyPlus to get us on the right track. So far she has been doing wonderful!

SML: What are some similarities?

SM: Right now, I’m amazed out how similar everything has been between Rocco and Sterling. Both were great at nursing from the start. Sterling took to it within minutes from when she was born. And both (cross my fingers) were/are good sleepers. Sterling certainly has her moments but even battling acid reflux as our son did, she is doing surprisingly well. I’m very schedule oriented so it’s been nice that she’s taken to a schedule as Rocco did. It allows me a bit of time to rest and recuperate in between feedings. We’re at the one month mark and I’m just excited each day to cuddle her and think about what kind of little girl she’ll be!

SML: How have Sterling’s eating habits been so far? Was it an easy start to nursing or how has it been similar/different to your beginning with Rocco?

SM: Sterling nursed within minutes of being born. Rocco was the same way. I know that every mother is not so lucky, so I count my blessings. I always take advantage of the lactation consultant at the hospital because it’s good to make sure that your “technique” is correct, so that it isn’t as painful and you’re sure she’s actually eating. So far, this experience has been nearly identical to Rocco as an infant. That’s a great thing, since all in all he was a fairly easy baby and his sleeping habits are still fantastic, now that he’s almost 4 years old.

SML: What about her sleeping habits thus far?

SM: Sterling’s sleeping habits have been great so far. She took to a schedule very quickly, like Rocco did. She has been going 2 ½ – 3 hours between meals during the day and just started sleeping 5 hours at a time during the night! She’s on about the same track as Rocco and he started sleeping 12 hours a night at 4 months……crossing my fingers!!! Sleep is so important for their growth and brain function so it makes me feel good every time she has a good nap. Of course, it also allows me to rest a bit as well.

SML: Has Sterling reached any milestones ahead of schedule?

SM: Sterling is only four weeks old right now so most of the major milestones aren’t expected for a bit. However, our pediatrician was ecstatic that she is such a great eater. She was supposed to be back up to her birth weight 6lbs 15oz two weeks after her birth. Sterling was 7lbs 8oz at her two week check up!! Little girl has an appetite!

SML: How has Rocco adjusted to being a big brother?

SM: We weren’t sure what to expect with Rocco. He has had almost four years of our undivided attention. We have been pleasantly surprised at how sweet he is with her. He loves to hug her and kiss her. He likes to hold her (with mommy helping of course). He likes to help take care of her. He’ll watch the monitor and let me know if she cries “baby crying” or bring me diapers. But mostly he can’t wait until she can kick a ball with him.

SML: How different has the adjustment been for you and John this time around from when you had Rocco?

SM: We’re still very tired this time around. But we are less stressed about the little things. When Rocco got hiccups on the way home from the hospital, we called our pediatrician to ask if it was safe to lay him down! Sterling has hiccups a couple times a day and we haven’t made any emergency calls yet. Lol. The biggest adjustment has been juggling schedules for both kids. And making sure that Rocco gets plenty of time with us while understanding that Sterling is now his sister and a part of the family.


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