Summer Activities That Will Keep the Kids Active!

Author: Shannon Miller

Summer is rapidly approaching and school will be out before we know it!  So, the big question comes – what will the kids do all summer vacation?  Sure, there are some great shows on during the day that they’ve missed while they were in school but couch potatoes are out of style this year!  Start brainstorming with your kids about things that will keep them active and having fun this summer!  Get them excited about a non-couch potato vacation! Check out some ideas below!

  • Water balloon battles
  • Slip and slide fun
  • Kickball
  • Bicycling
  • Water sports (i.e. surfing, boogie boarding, water skiing, wakeboarding)
  • Hide-and-go-seek
  • Pick-up games (i.e. basketball, baseball, etc.)
  • Swimming pool games (i.e. volleyball, Marco Polo)

Keep your kids happy and healthy this summer vacation – and have fun doing it!

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