Saftey Tips for Child Swim Safety

Author: Shannon Miller

In many places, swimming season is in!

And with summer rapidly approaching, your child may be about ready to turn into the fish that you remember from last year!

Swimming is a great activity – it keeps bodies moving and blood flowing – and it’s great fun for the entire family.

As you probably remember your parents telling you, though, “Safety first!”

Keep these things in mind as you and your family enjoy the water this summer!

Keep it clean!

  • Avoid getting water in your mouth.
  • Before getting in a pool, make sure everyone has bathed.
  • Take your kids on regular restroom breaks to avoid “accidents” in the pool.

Swim smart!

  • Use floating toys (i.e. water wings and noodles) for fun, not in place of life jackets.
  • When swimming in the ocean, watch for rip currents.  If you get caught in one, swim parallel to shore until you are out of the current. 

Keep an eye out.

  • Make sure at least 1 parent is watching children at all times.
  • Even if your child knows how to swim, keep an eye on them while they are in the water.

Check the forecast before heading out for a beach day.

  • Avoid swimming after a rain storm; water is more likely to be polluted after it’s been hit by a heavy rain.
  • Get out of the water right away if you hear thunder, see lightening, or feel strong winds.

Lather up!

  • Don’t forget the SPF!  Keep your kids lathered up through out the day.

Have fun and be safe!  Surfs up!

Source: “Swim Safely: Quick Tips.”  from the Department of Health and Human website
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