Top Apps for Moms

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Apps for Moms

It seems like we just can’t go anywhere without our smartphones these days.

At our fingertips, we keep communications with loved ones open, we get instant news, and we organize our lives. Would you like to be even more efficient? The wave of the future is in smartphone apps and in living a life of efficiency, so that we can spend more time having fun. Sound good?

Try some of these apps and let us know if it makes your day more efficient, more exciting, or more fun for you.

Smartphone Apps for Scheduling

  1. Cozi. Cozi brings together the family calendar, the shopping lists, and the appointment lists. There is even a slot for a journal. You can add to any list from any mobile device or your computer. The family keeps a family password, but can sign in with their own emails. Price: Free
  2. Doodle. Doodle makes it simple to schedule an event among family or friends. Send out a quick poll and invite your people. They vote on a time and place, and you schedule it.  Price: Free

Smartphone Apps for Smart Shopping

  1. The Find. Simply plug what you are looking for into the find search engine, and it will find it for you, both online and via web. Compare prices as you go. You can even scan a price tag and see instant comparisons. You can also push the “deals” little pig icon and see what is on sale near you. Price: Free
  2. PriceGrabber. Like the find, you can find just about anything on PriceGrabber and do instant comparisons from various locations, locally and online.  You can browse your gift history for a specific person and store items for price alerts. Price: Free
  3. Pushpins. Set up your pushpins account with your store cards, and leave those bulky cards at home. Browse and “clip” virtual coupons. Compare prices on items at your local stores. Then, plan your shopping list for the best bottom line. It cuts the time out of the coupon-clipping afternoon. Price: Free

Smartphone Apps To Keep Your Family Healthy

  1. ShopWell. Create your profile on ShopWell, including food allergies and personal and family goals in your eating plan. The app will give you the best choices. While you are at the store, it will help you search out foods that should be on your list. You can scan a food to see if it should be on your list, or if you should exchange it for a better choice. Price: Free
  2. Fooducate. Scan a bar code to see how “healthy” that item really is. Get a quick run-down of concerns like salt and sugar, and get a letter grade for that food. Get a list of better choices for similar items. For fun, shake the phone while the app is on for an item of the day! Price: Free

Smartphone Apps For Family Trips

  1. Yelp. Anywhere you are, tap the Yelp app to find out what kinds of foods and activities are around you. Get pictures and reviews from other Yelp users. Price: Free
  2. Campgrounds (by YOUniversal Ideas) . Need to find a campground in a hurry? Find one near you with details on what kind of camping is available on this simple app. Price: Free
  3. Petcentric. What do you do if Fido or Fifi are along for the ride? A quick check of pet-centric will tell you where your pet can stay for the night, and if there is a local pet park. Price: Free

Smartphone Apps For Fun

Do you need to keep yourself and your kids busy for a few minutes? Stuck in a line at the DMV? Stuck at an airport? Load a couple of fun apps to keep you and your kids happy and busy.

  1. Park Math (for preschoolers): Kids learn numbers and simple math skills with fun games, set in a park with animals. Price: $1.99
  2. Where’s My Water: Kids and adults will love finding a way through a maze to get water to a loveable alligator. Price: Free
  3. Bloom (by Opal Limited): Pass this around the family, and maybe other families, too, to create music on the go. Simple to use with lots of sounds, this is a fun tool that makes everyone a rock star. Price: $3.99
It’s limitless!

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