Post Pregnancy Exercises

Author: Shannon Miller

If you’ve been cleared for fitness post baby then you’re probably more than ready to finally get going. Don’t despair if you’re not able to do everything right away. You need to work on building back up and focusing on your core strength.

Here are a couple of my favorite post baby moves:

In this move you want to lie on you back with bent knees. Let your knees fall to the floor. As you do your crunch you want to focus on engaging your core muscles. Don’t pull on your neck or use your arms. Start out with 10-15 reps and then increase as you feel stronger.

You remain on your back for this next move. Point your toes to the sky, pull your belly button to your spine, again, engaging your core. Start with 5 small circles each way. You’ll increase the number of circles as you get stronger. And if you want a bit more of a challenge then make your circle larger.

These are two simple ways you can begin to regain your core strength and slim that waistline.


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