Post Pregnancy Workout

Author: Shannon Miller Lifestyle

We all know that fitness doesn’t have to happen in a gym.

For some people this works great.

It’s time to get away from it all and completely focus on you. But if you aren’t a gym rat or just don’t have the ability post baby to get out as much, don’t worry. You can get back into your prebaby shape by making fitness part of your lifestyle.

Think of all the pacing and lifting you do with your baby. Take that up a notch by taking a long walk each day. Baby will have a great nap. You’ll both get some fresh air and vitamin D. Just remember to keep your baby covered from direct sunlight.

I found that putting Sterling down for her nap was a perfect time to squeeze in a little exercise. I noticed that she liked the up and down movement so I started doing calf raises while I held her. She would go right to sleep. The next nap I would do squats to about 45 degrees holding her in my arms. Since she’s taking 5-6 naps it really made a difference!

For more great ideas and exercises that will help you get back to your pre-baby shape purchase my Body After Baby DVD available on my website, at most Target stores and on Amazon.

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