Memorable Pregnancy Photos

Author: Shannon Miller

Sticky Bellies on Shannon Miller

Want to capture that bump before baby arrives? 

We used Shannon to give you some suggestions to help you make memorable pregnancy photos!

More mothers-to-be are turning to professional photographers to capture the beauty of that bump than ever before. It’s a time to be remembered and cherished forever, and it’s a beautiful time for a family as they welcome a new little bundle of joy. Here are a few trends in maternity photography with some pregnancy photo ideas to help you capture that beautiful glow of pregnancy:

1. Show how far along you are.

Showing Sticky Bellies pregnancy milestone sticker on a pregnant belly.

Sticky Bellies are great for this. They also make stickers for baby’s milestones! Sticky Bellies are removable stickers invented by a new mom to make monthly photos both stylish and convenient. Simply peel, stick, and snap a pic!  From the very beginning of pregnancy to the crazy toddler years, Sticky Bellies allow new parents to document the amazing changes along the way with the look of a custom shirt and the ease of a removable sticker. Think how cute it would be to give your child a week by week recap of how they grew in the womb.

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