Pregnancy Exercises for Mom-To-Be

Author: Shannon Miller

Exercising while pregnant.

Staying active while you’re pregnant is good for you and your little one.

Specifically for you, exercise can help with things like nausea, mood swings, and fatigue – to name a few.

But exactly what exercises can you do?  We’ve got the answers.

  • It’s a funny word, but one you should become familiar with! Doing kegel exercises while you’re pregnant can help make for an easier birth because they help you to better learn how to control the muscles used during labor and delivery.
  • Splish splash, Mama!  Swimming is a great option because it helps keep your body stay toned while being very easy on your joints.
  • One foot in front of the other.  Walking is a good idea for the pregnant woman because it’s safe, easy on the knees, and is relatively easy to fit into a hectic schedule.   
  • No worries!  Yoga is a great stress reliever.  And lucky for you, Mom – there are special yoga classes you can take that are geared for the pregnant woman.
  • You never forget how to ride a bike! Good thing because bicycling can be a great exercise outlet for pregnant women since the bike takes on your weight, allowing your body to relax a little.  Just consider that the more your belly grows, the higher your chances are of falling.  Take it easy – don’t overdue yourself.

What will you and your little one do this week to get your exercise in?


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