Pregnancy Nutrition Tips For You And Baby!

Author: Shannon Miller

Pregnancy Nutrition Tips That Will Benefit You and Your Little One!

Nutrition should always be top on our list of priorities.  When you’re pregnant, though, it’s doubly important!  During this time, our bodies go through changes that we have to adapt to.  And the choices that we make affect how our baby will grow and develop.  We have to think once for ourselves and once for our little one.

Check out the tips below for some great ways to keep yourself and your baby healthy and happy!

  • Water Works! Stay hydrated!  It’s always important to drink plenty of water.  However, during pregnancy it is essential to your health and the health of your baby.  Drink 8-10 cups per day.  Try to avoid caffeinated beverages that can dehydrate you.
  • Staying regular. To combat constipation during pregnancy, stay hydrated, eat plenty of high fiber foods like whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, and try to exercise regularly.  (Make sure to wash all fruits and veggies well before eating.)
  • Keep your heart happy. To limit the effects of heartburn during pregnancy, watch your caffeine intake, eat smaller more frequent meals, eliminate spicy foods, avoid greasy and fatty foods, and eat slowly.
  • Say cheese! If you eat cheese while you’re pregnant, make sure it’s pasteurized.  Soft cheese such as Feta, Brie, Roquefort, Camembert and Gorgonzola may contain bacteria called Listeria that can cause miscarriage.
  • Make sure the slice is right! Deli meats can contain Listeria.  According to the Center for Disease Control, pregnant women are 20 times more likely to become infected than non-pregnant healthy adults.  It’s important to be cautious when eating deli meats unless they are properly reheated to 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

Remember, Mom, you have what it takes to keep yourself and your baby healthy during your pregnancy!  Find some great, nutritious recipes in Shannon Miller’s Healthy & Balanced Pregnancy Cookbook!

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