Simple Detox Strategies for a Healthy Pregnancy

Author: Shannon Miller

contributed by Dr. Eve Agee, Ph.D.

The most recent President’s Cancer Panel report stated that recent studies have found over 300 toxic chemicals in umbilical-cord blood, warning “to a disturbing extent, babies are born “pre-polluted.'”

These high levels of toxicity negatively affect women’s health as well the health of our children.

Of the thousands of chemicals that have been invented over the past sixty years, the compounds considered to have some of the most damaging effects on women’s health and the uterus in general are called endocrine disruptors. Endocrine disruptors are synthetic chemicals that mimic natural hormones when absorbed by the body. These toxins can interfere with hormonal levels, alter chemical pathways, encourage unbalanced hormone production, or block hormone production altogether.

Endocrine disruptors include DDT, PCB, dioxin, DES, bisphenol-A, phthalates, parabens, PBDE, some pesticides and herbicides, and some heavy metals. They are by-products of consumer products such as plastics, paper, dyes, and cleansers, as well as the chemicals used on our lawns, homes, and conventional agriculture system. Many of these substances enter the body through our food, cosmetics, air, and water as well as contact with our clothes and furniture. These compounds interfere with the body’s sophisticated communication process and affect many important bodily functions, such as brain and reproductive development.

Most of us living today have at least some levels of these undesirable toxins in our cells, however we can make efforts to lower the amount of these toxins in our bodies.

Here are some steps you can take to lower your exposure to toxins and create a safer home for your baby:

1. Eliminate pesticides in your home, yard, and garden.
2. Get plenty of exercise and sleep to help your body reduce toxins.
3. Use natural non-toxic cleaning products.
4. Purchase organic food as often as possible, or grow your own.
5. Eat meat or dairy from animals raised without hormones.
6. Filter your drinking and bathing water.
7. Eat plenty of detoxifying sea vegetables and Omega-3 fats.
8. Do not heat or store food in plastic containers–use glass instead.
9. Eliminate plastic water bottles.
10. Use organic body care and cosmetic products when possible.

Everyday take a few minutes to envision toxins easily releasing from your body, home, and life and picture yourself receiving new nourishing energy that supports your health and wellness.

Dr. Eve Agee is the bestselling author of The Uterine Health Companion: A Holistic Guide to Lifelong Wellness. A medical anthropologist, life coach and holistic healer, Eve provides a innovative whole-person approach to health and wellness that helps women create vibrant, healthy, and abundant lives. Connect with Dr. Eve through her free Monthly Newsletter on wellness and empowerment.

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