Choosing the Best Floor Exercise Music

Author: Shannon Miller Lifestyle

Over the years, I’ve hear all kinds of way gymnasts decide on their floor music.

One athlete might choose her favorite song. Another might choose music her best friend had the year before. An athlete might sit down and listen to piece after piece hoping something will click. I was one of those athletes that preferred to start with the style of dance. If you understand what style of dance you enjoy and perform well, then you also narrow down your choice in music.

It can even be helpful to make a list of things you enjoy and possibly those you don’t, in order to narrow down your choices.

  • Do I like/am I good at ballet, modern, jazz?
  • What is my dance personality? Peppy cheerleader, rock the house, international flavor, classical ballerina, dramatic, diva, etc.
  • How long will you keep the routine? (less than a year, between 1-3 years, 3 or more years)
  • What types of competitions will you be entering? local, state, national, international

As you begin to move through these questions you will likely find yourself moving in a more specific direction. Think less about what you like to listen to on the radio and begin to envision yourself performing in front of an audience at a specific competition.

Visualization is a huge part of gymnastics and it should certainly be utilized during this difficult decision making process. You shouldn’t just like your music, you need to love it!

It also helps to understand your strengths and weaknesses. Your music needs to compliment your personality and your dance ability. If you know your dance needs work, choose music and choreography can hide the flaws yet highlight jumps, tumbling and other aspects. If your moves are amazing but your tumbling doesn’t yet stack up, make sure you create such a fun or dramatic role artistically that the overall feel of the routine will be top notch.

Check out one of Shannon’s favorite floor routines and music!

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