Cheers! Here’s To Good Old H2O!

Author: Shannon Miller

Food isn’t the only important aspect of our diet.  Beverages can also be a great source of nourishment for our bodies.

We’ve all heard that red wine is good for our heart (two glasses for men, one for the ladies) and that milk is good for our bones.  One of the most important beverages for our diet is water.  We all know how important it is to stay hydrated, but we don’t always do the best job of it.

I have a long history of not drinking enough water.  In fact, a few weeks after the 1996 Olympics I was so dehydrated that I ended up in the emergency room!  We can all benefit from some tips on how to jazz up our  water. According to Chef Jessica Bright, whose recipes you’ll find in my Healthy & Balanced Pregnancy Cookbook, it’s easy to add some interest without adding calories.

Jessica’s tips: Add a few pieces of fruit to kick up the flavor.  Try options like the following:

  • Lemon wedges
  • Orange wedges
  • Cucumber slices
  • Lime wedges fresh berries
  • Kiwi

For extra flavor, add the ingredients the night before so that they can seep in overnight.  For convenience, prepare your flavorings on the weekend.  Wash and cut a few of your favorite add-ins.  Put them in the freezer, and then grab a few on the go to add to your water bottle.

TIP:  If you’re not likely to drink water as often as you should, infuse your water with a little natural flavoring! Try it this week and see how you like it!
TIP:  For more great tips and recipes from Chef Jessica Bright check out Shannon Miller’s Healthy & Balanced Pregnancy Cookbook. These tips work for everyone!
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