LEAP into Leap Year!

Author: Shannon Miller Lifestyle


What is so fantastic about Leap year? 

Well, it is kind of like a blue moon; it is rare, and a new opportunity for something new! 

So, here is our Leap Year, and a chance to Leap in to it.

How will you Leap this year?

Imagine you are at a new section in your journey. You are on a high cliff, and there are several cliffs across a ravine from you. Do you leap or do you stay?

You look down and notice that your cliff is well-worn, comfortable, worn-out, broken in, and boring. You look across and notice that a cliff across the way is exciting. It is full of fun stuff to do, people to see, and adventures. Another cliff is green and luscious with delicious fruits and serene scenery. Where do you want to go? Where are you willing to go?

Are you feeling that breeze? Can you smell what’s going on, on those other cliffs?

So, why aren’t you going where you want to go yet?


Think back to the first time you were paralyzed by fear. Was it the first day of school? Did you get lost in a grocery store? Was it worse than that? What did you do about it? Does this first fear define you?

Some people leap every time. Some leap too often, or even without a cliff on which to leap. Some never leap. Some stay where they are; in their worn-out zone forever.

So where does this leave you? What is it that you want to leap on? Is it a new lifestyle? A race? A career? A family choice? Is the blinking sign sitting above your head, saying “LEAP NOW”? And are you just afraid? No one says to leap without looking. No one says to leap without planning.

If that cliff is right there, and the time is right, taking that step can give your life new meaning.

Keep a Journal.

So, why aren’t you over the ravine yet? You know the answer is fear, but fear of WHAT? This is where journaling can be very helpful.

Journal specifically:

  1. Where do I want to be (in relation to the goal or cliff on the other side) in ten years?
  2. Where will I be in five years?
  3. Where will I be in one year?
  4. Where will I be in six months?
  5. Where will I be in six weeks?
  6. Where will I be next week?

Set Goals.

Goal setting can help find not only where you want to be, but why. And what is holding you back. It may help you define those fears. When the fears occur, write them down. Being aware of fear can give you courage.  Courage does not mean that you will go win a war for someone, or rescue the damsel in distress. It means that you can find a method to deal with fear and face it, just like Rafiki tells Simba in The Lion King. (Walt Disney,  Allers and Minkoff, 1994). 

Your past does not define you. You learn from it and move on.

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