Competing With Cancer

Giving Encouragement!

As I have learned and continue to learn throughout my journey, you never know what someone else around you may be going through. It’s easy to look around and see[…..]

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The Journey Continues

This last month has been a blur. I’ve truly enjoyed getting back to work. It’s always good when your “job” is something that you love! Now that my energy is[…..]

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Seize the Day: Shannon Miller Interviews Cancer Survivor, Cynthia

Cancer survivors Shannon Miller and Cynthia discuss how important it is to get an regular exams for an early diagnosis and keep a positive outlook.

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Sieze the Day: Shannon Interviews Cancer Survivor Elaine

Cancer survivors Shannon Miller and Elaine discuss how a cancer diagnosis helps you see the need to Seize the Day and enjoy each day of your life, and keep a[…..]

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Caregivers Have the Right To…..

I recently came across something that I felt was worth sharing with you all, especially caregivers. I never thought about having “rights” as a caregiver. But, I think it is[…..]

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