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Wedding Gown Slim Down

Shannon Miller Lifestyle has partnered with Jacksonville Magazine to present an exciting opportunity about which many brides-to-be can relate-looking their best in their dress on the big day.

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Shannon Miller Lifestyle Announces Partnership with Mancino Manufacturing Company, Inc.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – May 11, 2011 –Shannon Miller Lifestyle (SML) today announced that it has entered into partnership with Mancino Manufacturing Company, Inc. (MMC) to produce personal fitness matting and training products designed for the fitness needs of busy adults.

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Shannon Miller wins Gold Medal – 1996 Atlanta Olympics

Here is a video clip of young Gymnast Shannon Miller winning 1996 Summer Olympic Gold in Atlanta, Georgia.

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How to change a flat tire-for Ladies

Shannon Miller learning to change a tire with instructions from at Tom Bush dealership.

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Side Effects and Support

Having a support system is key when going through anything traumatic, especially cancer. Someone to bring you a cold washcloth when you’re feeling sick, a good friend to bring food[…..]

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