Pregnancy & Motherhood

Child Health Day (October 1, 2012)

Health insurance is very important in the health of a child. Otherwise, one illness or trip to the hospital could completely wipe out a family’s savings. Make sure you are able to find some way to receive care for your child!

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Family Health and Fitness Day!

Join Shannon Miller Lifestyle and celebrate National Family Health and Fitness Day with your family. Here are some ideas for fun activities.

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National Pediculosis (Head Lice) Month

Head lice are a very common health problem shared by families with young school children. Here are our tips for getting through this childhood experience.

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Childhood Cancer | A Survivor Story

It’s National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and this is probably the biggest nightmare a parent can imagine: a cancer diagnosis for a child. The pain, the treatments, the drugs, the doctors, the hospitals, the days and nights of pain and tears, and the possibility that a child might not survive…Here’s a story of survival.

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Where Do I Take My Career? (Giveaway!)

More working mothers are altering their jobs to allow more time for their families. Read suggestions to help you balance your working career and your family.

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