Pregnancy & Motherhood

Does Cancer Begin In Childhood?

Early Cancer Prevention? Read this article to find out how you may be able to reduce your children’s risk of getting many types of cancer later in life.

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Believing in Yourself as a Mompreneur: Founder of Me2Roo

Read this inspiring Mompreneur story about me2Roo, providing a pregnancy clothing line designed to be comfortable and yet sassy!

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Anti Bullying Programs | What’s Working?

Which anti bullying programs are working, and which ones need reworking? Some anti bullying programs may actually be causing more problems.

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Creative Ways to Announce You’re Pregnant

The excitement of a pregnancy announcement is so special, every Mommy-to-be wants to share her joyful news in a special way. Here are the top 5 SML recommendations of creative ways to announce you’re pregnant.

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How I Became a Mompreneur: Founder of Today I Ate a Rainbow

Busy Mom with ideas about starting a business to provide a better product or service? You would be a Mompreneur, part of a growing number of Mom Entrerpreneurs.

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