Competing With Cancer

Possible Warning Signs of Ovarian Cancer

As I write today’s blog post I fight through some of the worst of the side effects I’ve been facing, predominantly the nausea. I knew it would be a rough[…..]

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Makeup during Chemotherapy with Renee Parenteau

While I still hate to take more than 10 minutes to get ready for a photo shoot, I do like to pick up tips from the people who know best…professional make artists!

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Dr. Stephen Buckley Discusses Exams After A Hysterectomy

Many women question whether or not they need to continue to get their GYN exams after a hysterectomy. Dr. Stephen Buckley of South East Gynecologic Oncology discusses the importance of[…..]

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Importance of Exams after a Hysterectomy

We talk about the importance of early detection and keeping up with your regular exams. These screenings and exams are critical because many times there are no symptoms for very[…..]

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