Competing With Cancer

Yoga During Cancer

One of the most important things during chemo is to listen to your body. You’ll begin to figure out which days will be your tough days and which are best[…..]

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Interesting Day

Well, it was an interesting start to the morning. I did an update interview with News4Jax before I headed off to chemo for the day. I had a talk with a[…..]

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Going, Going, Gone!

Yesterday was a roller coaster of emotion. My stomach was tied in knots all day. My doctor had said I would likely lose my hair within 10-14 days of beginning[…..]

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Hair Crisis Averted!

Yes, I’m still losing mine (in fact, all of it tonight) but I’ve averted a different hair crisis. My sweet husband who has been such an incredible rock during this[…..]

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Just Another Day….

One third of the way through treatment and this is a good week. Unfortunately, I haven’t slept well in the last couple of nights. I’m feeling good but I find[…..]

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